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Strawberry Salad

Submitted by Shelly

1 large head romaine lettuce
1 head boston lettuce
1 C Monterrey Jack cheese, shredded
1 pint strawberries, sliced
1C olive oil
¾ C sugar
½ C red wine vinegar
2 cloves garlic, smashed
¼ tsp white pepper
½ tsp salt
½ tsp paprika
½ toasted walnuts

Tear lettuces into bite sized pieces and combine with cheese and strawberries. Whisk remaining ingredients, except walnuts, in a bowl until well combined. Add walnuts to dressing, and toss with salad.

Nutrition: to be added


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Mandarin Sweet and Sour Salad

Submitted by Beth

Servings: 6-8

½ C salad oil
¼ C white vinegar
¼ C sugar
¼ tsp salt
1 bag of baby lettuce and add a couple of handfuls of spinach
1½ C red seedless grapes, halved
½ C sliced celery stalks
1-2 cans mandarin orange slices, refrigerated and drained
1 avocado, cut into chunks
1 C sliced almonds, toasted*

Mix well oil, vinegar, sugar and salt, and slightly refrigerate.

Mix all the remaining ingredients, and make sure salad is drained well. Pour dressing over and toss gently. Top with almonds.

*Be careful when toasting as they burn quickly. Three minutes at 350 degrees F should be enough.

Nutrition: (per serving, based upon 6)
328 calories, 26.5g fat (2g fat), 21.7g carbs (3.6g fiber), 4.7g protein

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